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Telepathology is a system that shares macroscopic images. Whether the specialists is a pathologist or a radiologist, both can perform pathology tests on PACS images, macroscopic images, and patient information’s where the system allows to take action.

TelePath Web

The TelePath Web application is designed to enable pathology units to collaborate with each other. TelePath also provides teleconsultation in diagnosis between hospitals.

It allows the specialists to connect from distance to different clinics to give diagnostic support. Thus, periodic intensities of hospitals with fewer specialists can be reduced with the help of specialists in other hospitals. The TelePath application covers the services of controlling and connecting the cooperating hospitals through a single system. Thus, Specialist support can be given to non-specialist laboratories by this teleconsultation application.

Doctors and clinicians can share patients' PACS and slides, and view them in the application via TelePath. They can also record patients’ reviews and share these records with related department experts. In this case, the error rate which is evaluated by two different experts will decrease.

TelePath Mobile

The TelePath Mobile is connected to the microscope with the help of an equipment that is used for video recording, sharing of these videos for consultation and instant access to these videos. It also allows direct sharing of the videos taken from the microscope and provides information during analysis. Specialists can also access patient slide and PACS images by communicating with the Telepathology Web application from the mobile application.

With TelePath PACS, you can transfer, view and store your patients' information and files or your clinical data on the LIS system in different formats.