Effective, Sustainable, Easy Communication and Access


TelePath Mobile Telepathology Application is a mobile application that allows consultation between pathologists of images or videos taken through a microscope or can be used for personal storage purposes.


  • Consultation
  • Snapshot and case sharing
  • Sharing required files of the patient
  • Registration and sharing of macroscopic examination
  • Registration and sharing of microscopic examination

  • Your phone will be able to connect any microscopes easily with the this kit we designed.
  • The kit designed for every phone and microscope, can record your microscope image with your phone and allows you to use it during consultations.

  • You can markings, drawings and notes on your biopsy
    images during your consultations or at other times.

  • Imaging
  • File transfer to the system
  • Expert file transfer

  • Real-time consultation
  • Sharing microscopy images
  • Share review videos
  • Real-time call
  • The application registers all negotiation.

  • Future-time consultation
  • The expert selects the time of availability.
  • At the appropriate time, will answer the consultation.
  • The expert may forward the comment in voice recording or in writing.

  • Working with scanned image.
  • The function to consult the scanned images of the cases in hospitals with scanning devices. The expert pathologist who will be presenting the consultation request can answer this request from the mobile application or computer..