ViraPath is multipurpose software that consists of the digitalized versions of analysis methods used in clinical diagnosis and digital pathology. 

ViraPath is a clinical decision support system that uses image processing methods and artificial intelligence. With the help of its robust algorithms, ViraPath provides more accurate and faster analysis to the pathologists and aims to decrease the clinical and laboratory workload.


TelePath gives the opportunity of sharing macroscopic and microscopic images to the clinicians. Clinicians can collaborate with each other regardless of their location, with the help of TelePath.

Pathologists or radiologists can easily share the results of tests, the data from PACS, and the necessary information about the patients, and use TelePath as an archive.

ViraCons helps you to have consultations 24/7 on the scanned images of your pathology samples with our clinician network consisted of clinicians around the world.

You can also use ViraCons to discuss your cases with other colleagues, residents, students, and other experts.

Our Partners

Virasoft takes the power of major technology companies and it is supported by expert pathologists in reputable university hospitals.