• With the consultation network presented on the TelePath system, in Turkey, the sender/receiver to reach the area classified as hospital and share your consultation, we provide you with the best experts.
  • TelePath application works integrated with your institution’s hospital information system under approval of your institution. You can access patient information reports in TelePath data bank and transfer digital biopsy slides to the hospital information system from there.
  • TelePath application provides innovative solutions to the pathology labs everywhere and it is evolving day by day with the valuable feedbacks of experienced pathologists.
  • TelePath application each software solution provided by Virasoft obeys the Turkish Health Ministry’s Law on Data Transaction and Security.
  • TelePath application integration service leads you to attach consultations that are performed on digital biopsy slides to the patient report.
  • TelePath application patient records are clearly classified and ready to access in Telepath data bank.

Click here to see TelePath's Tutorial videos.

Instant Consultation
  • We offer real-time consultations.
  • We provide image transfer service up to 30 fps, so that we ensure the best image transaction and data loss prevention. We transfer images in eye capturing quality with data loss prevention jamming technology.
  • Many cases, many specialists.
  • Image transferring and preventing data loss.
  • Special algorithms to split background voices.
  • Up to five specialists in real time consultations.
  • Easily annotating slide images.
  • Real-time consultation is supported with telecommunication mobile technologies and it yields better image and sound transaction quality compared to similar applications in the market.
Advanced Timely Consultation
  • Schedule your consultations!
  • We are of that consultant specialist sometimes can be unable to respond consultations; for that manner any videos, images and voice records can be easily captured and send to get consultations afterwards.
  • Consultation calendar
  • Attach reports and patient records
  • Attach voice records and record reports in audio format
  • Conduct consultation with specific pathologists
  • Many pathologists, any time, any case
  • We install telepath according to your hospital’s inner requirements. We provide neat consultation flow between specialists, we will help you to reach the most precise diagnosis.
  • Mark the suspected area that you want reviews on!
  • During tele-consultation the pathologist may stop the video transaction and add annotations to it. Annotations can be done by many shapes such as circle, square, hexagon. Users also can add notes on these shapes.
  • Mark the anomalies.
  • Many annotations, one slide.
  • Annotate during real-time consultation.
  • Specialists may create consultations and save to view them on desktop computers and if they wish they can share them.

Our Partners

Virasoft takes the power of major technology companies and it is supported by expert patalogs in reputable university hospitals.