It is the program that contains the analysis module under the ViraPath program. It enables you to perform your analyzes quickly and accurately.

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IHC Analysis
  • HER2 numerical analysis 
  • KI67 numerical analysis 
  • ER numerical analysis
  • PR numerical analysis
  • CD40 numerical analysis
  • P53 numerical analysis
  • INSM-1 numerical analysis
FISH Analysis
  • HER2 cell detection
  • 19Q cell detection
  • ROS1 cell detection
  • BCL2 cell detection
  • 1p/19q co-deletion detection
  • BCL6 cell detection
  • MYC
Routine Analysis
  • H & E Analysis
  • Cell Detection
  • Epithelial Detection
  • Lumen Detection
  • Tubule Detection
  • Pleomorphism Cell Classification
Tissue Segmentation Analysis
  • Tumoral Area Detection
  • Stroma Separation
  • Lymphocyte Differentiation

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Virasoft takes the power of major technology companies and it is supported by expert patalogs in reputable university hospitals.