Display Multiple Slides: Up to 9 slides can be viewed on the same screen at the same time.

Add Annotations: Add freehand drawings and notes on the area of interest.

View Serial Tissue Sections: View and analyze the serial sections of the same tissue stained with various stains at the same time.

Slide Preview Panel: Open any slide by double-clicking on it from the slide preview page.

Navigation: Navigate easily on the images of the digitized slides by zoom in, zoom out, and rotation.


  • The place where digitzed slide images are displayed.
  • Support any image formats.
  • Opens up to 9 slides one one screen.
  • Enables navigating ont the digitized slides and adding annotations on the interested area.
  • Assits navigating through the slide by adding markers ont the navigated areas.
  • Allows adding annotations such as free hand drawings or taking notes, zooming in or out and rotating images.
  • Saves the annotated images in JPEG2000i Tiff or DICOM formats.
  • Allow changing image settings such as  RGB, hue, saturation and color channels such as DAB, Eosin.
  • Uploads the digitized image along with the analysis results, and annotations to the server.
  • Downloads the analyzed images and their scorings from the server to your computer.
  • Can link multiple images, run different analysis on each image and more synchronously.

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