ViraPIS allows you to control the stages of patient tissues in the preparation and diagnostic processes. In addition, experts can write reports of the relevant cases through the system.

ViraSoft's ViraPIS software is an information management system that covers all procedures and workflows in pathology. Achieve fast and accurate solutions in your laboratories with ViraPIS, which facilitates and speeds up the pathological workflow and enables pathologists to work more efficiently and effectively.


LIS for Clinicians
  • Diagnosis functions and view other slides
  • Quantitative analyses and display to macroscopic study
  • Reporting and management system
  • Consultations
  • Comparison of the results
LIS for Patients
  • Clinical information and information of the remaining time
  • Quick diagnosis and reporting
LIS for Doctors
  • Easy tracking of patients
  • Tissue processing
  • Reporting of the recorded macroscopy
  • Access to macroscopic reporting
  • Archiving and reviewing previous case studies
  • Integration into HIS

Our Partners

Virasoft takes the power of major technology companies and it is supported by expert pathologists in reputable university hospitals.