About Us

Our company was established in September 2015 with the support of Ministry of Industry TGSD 2015. Virasoft Software Inc. Is a software company that provides diagnostic support in the field of digital pathology, quantitative image analysis, case management applications, pathology training set and telepathology services. Following the technology, with its innovative and dynamic features, our company creates products with R & D methods. By bringing together pathology and information technologies, we are presenting a global project. As Virasoft, we are carrying out with the motto of health first to serve people with the cancer diagnosis and diagnosis stages, digital pathology and telepathology developments. We aimed to improve not only our country but all the regions that we can reach with our original and local solutions for the health sector. At the same time, we are working to produce and develop the projects and the sectors we serve with the future.

All Virasoft employees must comply with the following objectives in order to protect company reputation, reliability and information resources and ensure all work activities to continue with minimal interruptions:

¬   Protect the information resources that are possessed, processed and shared with other companies according to  confidentiality, integrity and accessibility principles.

¬   Develop and improve the management system which is found to manage the information resources, determine information security needs and risks, apply controls based on security risks.

¬   Evaluate risks that are caused by activities and appoint improvement needs and opportunities according to  company’s vision and mission.

¬   Adopt technological developments and follow changes in the sector.

¬   Ensure work continuity by minimizing information security risks.

¬   Adopt national and international regulations, follow the related legislation requirements, comply with the company liability towards national and international stakeholders.

¬   Have enough competence to restore and minimize the effect of an information security incident.

¬   Protect and improve the information security system with a cost effective control infrastructure.

¬   Protect and improve the company reputation, and its information security from negative impacts.

¬   Protect the personal data according to the Privacy Act.

¬   Provide trainings to improve employee’s information security awareness and competence, give necessary support to ensure integration with other management systems.

All Virasoft employees are liable to contribute these objectives.

Our Partners

Virasoft takes the power of major technology companies and it is supported by expert patalogs in reputable university hospitals.