Your consultations are now on your mobile phone.

You can purchase our  VIMO product, which is a supporter of our TelePath application.

Thanks to VIMO's extensive features;

  • Frozen and malignant case consultation in pathology
  • Digitalization of the slides in health sciences
  • Establishment of the case and education contents in medical education
  • Visual and video shootings for articles and poster presentations
  • In material science, you can perform the digitization of the images at the microscopic level.

What are the features of VIMO?

  • Taking great pictures with smartphones through a microscope (designed by the Virasoft R&D team at ITU Technopark)
  • VIMO is compatible with any brand/model microscope and all ocular types and sizes
  • Compatible with all smartphone brand/model/screen sizes
  • It can be attached and removed without removing the ocular. So the optical parts are not polluted
  • Only 325 grams, easily carried in your bag

Our Partners

Virasoft takes the power of major technology companies and it is supported by expert pathologists in reputable university hospitals.